Top 10 Qualifications You Can Get For Your Career 

Throughout the UK, many people want to upskill to either change their careers or take their own to the next level. One of the best ways you can do this is through choosing the right qualifications that will help you develop your career path. If you want to change your life and get the job that you want, you should definitely consider upskilling through training courses and qualifications – including them on your CV could get your foot in the door for your dream job. Here are the top 10 qualifications you can get for your career. 

Official Industry Certification 

One of the best things you can do to get into an industry is to get the official industry certification for that career. For example, many journalists need to complete the NCTJ course if they want to work in the field. Often, construction workers will need to have their CSCS card to be able to work on-site. Completing the official industry certification for your industry is one of the best things you can do for your career. 

First Aid 

In many workplaces, having someone who is well-versed in first aid is crucial – knowing first aid is essential if you want to prevent a workplace accident or incident from becoming a tragedy. First aid is one of the most vital skills you can have, especially if you work on a building site or any job that could be considered dangerous. Many workplaces offer first aid training, but having first aid accreditation could be a feather in your cap when it comes to getting jobs. 

Project Management 

If you want to take your career to the next level, showing that you can manage people and big projects through a project management qualification may make a huge difference if you want to be considered for a promotion. Showing that you can develop the skills needed to manage big projects will help your boss gain trust in you, especially when it comes to big projects that will enhance your career. 

Regulatory Compliance Qualifications

If you are working in an environment where information and communication needs to be specific as well as paying attention to the rules, regulatory compliance qualifications may be essential. Careers in risk management and compliance will definitely look favourably on these sorts of qualifications. Many companies, both private and non-profit, will need risk management and compliance staff to be able to keep everything running smoothly – so this is definitely a good career move. 

Marketing Strategy Qualifications

This may be one of the best qualifications you can get if you want to start a career in marketing and advertising. Having a creative mind is a fantastic asset, but understanding strategy and targeting is also important in marketing, especially in the digital age. These qualifications can also help you to understand more about branding rules and content strategies – so they are definitely something you should consider. 

Data Analytics

As well as marketing strategy qualifications, many people in marketing and advertising could also benefit from data analytics. Understanding data can help you make better and more informed decisions about content implementation and advertising, helping you get the most out of your campaigns. Data analytics could make you more valuable to your employer and help you advance your career!

Bookkeeping Certifications 

Bookkeepers are extremely valuable assets to any company, as they help to track revenue and keep inventory of everything that is needed. If you’re working in a related field, a qualification in bookkeeping could help you to get a job in an office, helping out a small business – especially if you’re currently working in retail. 

Communication Qualifications 

Communication qualifications are one of the best things you can invest in if you want to develop your soft skills and become a manager. Managing a team often involves a lot of communication skills, which everyone can develop through volunteering, working with the community, and attending communication seminars. However, there are communication courses and qualifications you can take if you want to get more effective at communicating with people. 

National Vocational Qualification

If you want to take a course in a specific trade, such as hair and beauty or social work, getting your national vocational qualification is one of the best things you can do to prove your skills. You can go back to college to get your NVQ, or if you have the right skills, you can do your NVQ on-site while working so you can get qualified. There are everything from construction NVQs to catering qualifications, so you can find the right one for your career. 

Language Courses 

If you already speak a language other than the main one of the country that you live in, you could take a language course to prove that you can speak that language. Speaking multiple languages is very useful in a lot of workplaces, so having that proof could really help you when it comes to developing your career. 

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