5 Hardest Engineering Majors

There are so many opportunities in engineering that come with earning a degree. There are thousands of students studying engineering every year around the world. There is no doubt that some majors are harder than others. The top 5 hardest engineering majors are chemical, aerospace, biomedical, electrical, and computer engineering. 

However, don’t let that scare you. In order for our world to function properly, these majors lead to well-paying jobs. Various types and lengths of engineering programs exist. Knowing which engineering courses are best is important. To assist you in choosing the right engineering major, here is a breakdown of the hardest majors.

1. Chemical Engineering

It is not for the faint of heart to major in chemical engineering. Chemistry is a difficult subject to master, especially when combined with engineering. There are many students each year who complete their major in chemical engineering. 

As you learn how things work together chemically, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how everything works. Chemical engineers are responsible for food, medicine, wine, and your shampoo.

After graduating from chemical engineering school, chemical engineers have many job options. Chemical engineers typically work as food scientists, pharmaceutical manufacturers, chemists, and energy engineers. Despite the differences in topics, all of these jobs require the same degree. A chemical engineer’s median salary in 2021 was $105,550.

2. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is perfect if you’re interested in airplanes or other flying machines. These machines will be built and improved by you. The airplanes of 25 years ago are very different from those of today. The advancements in aerospace engineering can be attributed to those working in the field.

Most aerospace engineers become aerospace technicians, inspectors/compliance officers, flight test engineers, or aircraft designers. Aerospace engineers work in the aircraft industry, as you can see. In 2021, aerospace engineers earned a median salary of $122,270.

3. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering also relies heavily on science rather than physics. This major is one of the most challenging engineering majors because it requires a lot of chemistry and biology courses. Many engineering majors concentrate on physics while this one requires much more. The course is a great choice for students who enjoy taking all kinds of science courses.

You can become a physician, researcher, biomaterials developer, or medical technology developer with a biomedical engineering degree. There are endless possibilities. As of 2021, the median salary for biomedical engineers was $97,410.

4. Electrical Engineering

College students often study electrical engineering, but it is still ranked as one of the hardest majors. Within electrical engineering, there are so many small systems to learn that it’s difficult to see what you’re doing physically. Electrical engineers design and build the computers and phones we use. 

They make sure your fingerprint is recognized by your phone – how cool is that? The field of electrical engineering is extremely complex and requires an eye for detail. Several graduates say that electrical engineering majors have the hardest engineering courses due to the abstract concepts and thinking involved.

Electrical engineers typically work as electrical designers, electrical technicians, controls engineers, and test engineers. Approximately $101,780 was the median salary for electrical engineers in 2021.

5. Computer Engineering

Nowadays, technology permeates every aspect of our lives. There is so much to learn about computer science. You can be part of that movement by majoring in computer engineering. The courses you’ll take will cover all things computer and you’ll learn software as well.  

You can even build one yourself! In their field, computer engineers use a variety of sciences. The reason it is ranked as one of the most difficult engineering majors is because of this.

Students majoring in computer engineering find jobs as computer system analysts, web developers, cyber security specialists, and software engineers. In the tech world, it’s very heavy. Computer engineers earned a median salary of $128,70 in 2021.

There are many benefits to majoring in engineering. It is possible to break the glass ceiling in many fields by challenging yourself. Engineering is the perfect major for discovering new things. Engineers with a bachelor’s degree or a higher education degree are highly sought after by employers. It is possible to develop skills while in school and master them upon graduation.

Choosing one of these engineering majors requires a strong foundation in physics. You will be rewarded at the end of your degree if you study hard and work hard for at least four years. You should not be discouraged by the difficulty of your courses. You can succeed too because there are engineers all over the world who persevere.

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